Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Eating Liver in Gaddaffi's brain

This dream was so vivid and surreal that I had to share.

Gaddaffi managed to transplant his brain into a Dalek and had a magic talking television that could talk to TV channels, so he contacted the Daleks and tried to join up with the Dalek Empire, promising them all his assets and expertise.

The Daleks agreed but once Gaddaffi had logged off they began deriding him as non-Dalek and generally second rate in typical Dalek fashion. R2D2 was in league with Daleks and communicating with them in untranslatable beeps. There then began a Dalek conference call across several TV channels - characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas logged om it emerged they wanted to eat liver in Gaddaffi's brain. Bekr and Boni from The Trap Door were up next, alongside a bunch of the claymation squiggly worms, Boni agreed, "Let's Eat liver in Gaddaffi's brain."

With Berk adding, "I'd love to own a dragon."

That was a real "WTF!?!" moment and I awoke.

I've been watching the news, cartoons and Doctor Who "Let's Kill Hitler!" lately.