Friday, 19 August 2011

Time to eat humble pie

These kids make me feel truly humble, they are better big brothers than I ever was.

If you were a parent and dobbed your kids in expecting them to get a slap on the wrist imagine how you'd feel if they got six months. You'd be counting every day with anxiety and guilt.

Young offenders institutes aren't holiday camps.

Don't worry MegaCity Justice is coming for you Tory scum - who loot second homes and tetracrorp false charity, your day will come.

I wish I had been as good a big brother as those kids.

Big brother is watching you.

Bastards is the only word that springs to mind right now - you are pure evil chiseling bastards and you're top of my enemies list. You should consider repenting. Drop me out of your Tory bollocks, thanks.

P.S. Forgot to say, I'm protected by God, bon voyage